Leadership Coaching

changels Leadership Coaching (12 x 2 hours over 3-4 months)

Our inspiring and powerful coaching method for leaders who want to tackle professional and private challenges effectively:

Leaders between 25 and 35: Fresh in a leading position
How to tackle things? How to prove your worth? How to change if you realize you're in the wrong place or field?

Leaders between 35 and 45:
Going strong professionally, but there's a number of construction sites in your life, every business lunch adds to your weight, privately things don't run smoothly, and your life partner is on the verge of splitting up.
How to lead effectively? How to juggle everything? Where to find tie for fitness, children and  life partner? How to really start doing what you've always wanted to do?

Leaders from 45 to 65: Looking for a successor, for new challenges in life and for meaningful projects.
How to secure know-how? How to network? How to find out what you still dream about? How to formulate and implement your plans?

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