360° Leadership Feedback

Leadership feedback and evaluation tool (360°)

Real feedback about one's own leading style is rare enough.
The higher people rise in a hierarchy, the less direct and honest is the feedback they get about their behavior and their leading style. This is why you have to become active to get your feedback.

Together with our network partner Hofmänner New Media from Winterthur we have developed a 360° Leadership Feedback Tool, with which can get a feedback by 5 to x people, online and in an easy and attractive way, and, if you want it to be that way, anonymous. If you wish us to we can evaluate the results with you personally.

Reasonably priced, powerful and easy to set up. Call us at +41 31 371 69 79

Please note: To date the pdf (to your left) giving more information about this tool is available in German only. However, on it you can see how the tool looks, and of course we can set up up your feedback in English.