changels Evenings

The changels evenings are our inspiring short workshops. They are like Italian espresso: Short, strong and aromatic.

The changels evenings focus on the essentials of your work life. They enable you to make concrete changes and are easily stomacheable. They are inspiring, practice-oriented and for engaged people.

4 times a year from 18:00 bis 21:30 at changels, Falkenplatz 11, 3012 Bern
Trainer: Matti Straub-Fischer, changels plus Stop-Over-Guests.

Topics 2008:

  • Time Management – Now or Never!
  • To Keep the Overview in Chaotic Times
  • Hot Team Meetings
  • Finally: Delegating Everything!

Download the Program (in German only – but you are mostly welcome to participate as an English speaker, too – please contact us for details)

Book an evening – or all 4 evenings at a stunningly reduced price – at: