CrashCourse Project Managementt

5 x 1 half-day hefty propject management. Apply methods, values and practical skills directly to your project and project ideas. Bring your own projects or project ideas, be they private or from your firm or organization.

Five half-days:

  • Mo, 28 September: What is my project? What is my task? – Go get ideas and people where they are.
  • Fr, 2 October: Project planning, finances, fundraising, resources & risks – How much planning does a project need?
  • Mo, 5 October: Leading a project: How much leadership does my project need? Can I do that?
  • Mo, 12 October: Project implementation and dealing with crises – What to obeserve when everyone wants something form you?
  • Mo, 26 October: Finishing the project and dcoumentatio – How to end a project in the best way.

13.30 to 17.15 in the changels workshop room at Falkenplatz 11 in Bern (5 min from the main station).

changels GmbH, Matti Straub-Fischer.

Fr. 1200.-

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